International PEO services - How it helps you scale up your business

International PEO services - How it helps you scale up your business

Advanced technologies are helping businesses spread their wings beyond borders. In such circumstances, the system and structure become more complex to handle. Thus, it becomes necessary to hire people with specialized skills. They might not necessarily be the natives. 


Do you think that the process of hiring a workforce globally is different from hiring local employees? 


What makes it too difficult for companies to hire foreign employees?


It is because they are unaware of compliance regulations that directly impact the payroll process. Under such circumstances, what could be the possible solution? 


Well, a majority of businesses like to rely on and seek help from an international PEO.  


What is a PEO?

PEO is a short form of Professional Employer Organization. It is a third-party organization that performs a wide range of HR activities, as an external partner


A PEO service provider agrees to play the role of an administrative employer. It is noticeable that the organization remains a functional employer. It means that the hired foreign employee will work for an organization but its payroll will be run by the PEO. 


This makes it easier for the organization to add new employees from foreign locations. In short, the employees would work for the organization, but everything related to human resource management would be handled externally by the international PEO.


The role of PEO includes:

  • Recruitment and hiring
  • Compliance with local and international employment rules
  • Payroll administration
  • Benefits administration
  • Insurance
  • Outplacement support
  • Taxation
  • Safety programs
  • Health benefits
  • Leave management and salary administration
  • Providing Employer of Record solutions


PEOs enter into long-term and short-term contracts. This provides the necessary flexibility for the client. Thus, the client/organization can stop using their services after the completion of the agreed contract period. 


Pros of relying on international PEO services

Helps in seeking local support

When an organization goes global, it is required to comply with local laws. PEO services can provide localized support for performing post-establishment activities smoothly. It assists in fulfilling the legal obligations and building local foundations.   


Reduces HR costs

PEO provides cost-efficient and budget-friendly HR solutions and helps businesses to operate smoothly. PEO can help in hiring new employees on the international platform and handle documentation processes efficiently. 

Since the PEOs are well aware of the local laws, an organization can utilize their well-trained and experienced HR professionals to manage CORE functions, at different locations.

Managing payroll and tax processes

International PEO services help in running payroll with accuracy and ensuring that each employee receives the salary on time. It includes leave management, record keeping, and compliance. They also take care of handling tax issues and social security contributions towards the concerned employees and authorities. 

Managing employee benefits

Organizations are bound to provide entitled benefits to their employees. It includes healthcare, special allowances, and pension plans. PEOs are capable of providing personalized employee benefits to each worker. 

Fulfilling employment-related legal issues and risk mitigation

It is necessary for the organizations to enter into employment contracts with new employees from other countries. International PEO services help to employ them compliantly. 

Sharing conditional liabilities

While PEO acts as an administrative employer, it becomes evident to discuss the roles, responsibilities and liabilities with the concerned parties, well in advance (with an aim to avoid any discrepancies). Also, it is important to keep in check that the agreement between the two parties is in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations.  

Offers flexibility


International PEO service providers make it easier for organizations to hire contract workers as well as full-time employees in a risk-free manner. They handle the legal complexities and help in building stronger employee-employer relationships. 


Local compliance


Staying compliant with the local payroll regulations, labour law rules, and employee benefits are some of the biggest challenges for employers. PEO handles all such responsibilities efficiently. It keeps pace with the fast-changing rules and regulations and helps with preparing a plan of action accordingly.


Informed onboarding processes


When a business starts operating from a new location, it feels the need to hire local employees. It can help in running the business smoothly. On the contrary, some organizations prefer hiring expatriates that are exceptionally talented. It helps in completing special projects with accuracy. 


In both cases, PEO services can help in completing the documentation process and ensuring the smooth onboarding of new employees.  


Employee satisfaction


HR SaaS platforms can provide faster services for employees and address their queries on time. This can improve employee satisfaction.


What A PEO Can’t Do?


There are certain things that PEOs can’t do:


PEOs cannot interfere in the functional aspects of the business

PEOs alleviate the administrative HR burden of the client’s organization but they cannot interfere in the functional aspects of their businesses. Organizations will still have total control over the personnel, tasks and make all operational decisions.


PEOs cannot replace the internal HR team

PEO services have to align with the HR team of the client’s organization. Therefore, internal matters like assigning tasks, increasing employee engagement, and addressing conflicts will still be handled by the HR staff of the organization. 




International PEO services help organizations to scale up their business and explore the global markets by handling key HR and payroll functions. It helps in hiring new employees and ensuring legal compliance as well. 


What’s the advantage? The organizations can focus on the core business activities rather than jostling for compliance-related issues.  


When ADT acts as an international PEO, it owes the responsibility of a legal employer. It does employment contracts and fulfils contractual obligations. It frees the organizations from most of the legal complexities.


So, if you are looking forward to hiring a competent PEO service provider, ADT can serve to be the right choice for you.



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