Why ADT Solution

Our strengths are to develop and deliver world class solutions that're innovative, well-structured and professional.

One-Stop HR Solution

ADT Solution is an end-to-end global management company which brings a one-stop HR solution to all our clients across the globe.

Wide Variety of Services

We provide a wide variety of services related to payroll management, tax, compliance, insurance, salary management, and employee administration.

Compliantly Engaged

The prime focus of ADT Solution is to help the expats to get compliantly engaged in working relationships with the organizations.

About Us

Global HR Solutions & Payroll Management

Assist in completing documentation process for visa and work permit.

Our Global HR Activities

HR and payroll management for both local employees & expats across international environments.

  • Handling salary management and tax compalince on behalf of the employers, in accordance with the local laws and regulations.
  • We ensure safe mobility of expats and their families.
  • Assist in completing documentation process for visa and work permit.
  • Complete assistance for the employee onboarding process.
  • ADT Solution can act as EOR / PEO for its clients.
  • We ensure that the international labour laws for expats are being followed appropriately.
  • We make sure that expats are able to avail accommodation and education facilities.
  • We take care of the entire visa and work permit process

Benefits With ADT Solution

We help you to stay fearless about complex payroll and tax regulation legalities. We also help in completing the documentation process for visa and work permit.


  • Comprehensive HR management- ADT Solution handles complex payroll processes and employee administration on behalf of the employer.
  • Tax compliance- Our experts manage tax regulations as per the local laws.
  • Customized solutions- Our in-house team provides personalized consultation and services to meet the special needs of organizations.
  • Flexibility – We work closely with our clients and modify our services to our clients’ needs.
  • Transparency- ADT Solution follows a transparent approach and it is accessible for the clients, whenever required.

Local Employees & Expats

  • Financial optimization- Our team plays a crucial role in payroll management and salary administration, so it helps them to get paid appropriately, in a timely manner.
  • Legal compliance- Employees are expected to work according to the local rules and regulations, and we help them to follow legal compliance effectively.
  • Security- ADT Solution takes care of the international labour laws for the local employees & expats.
  • Immigration support- ADT Solution makes sure that the expats are able to get visa and work permit on time through our documentation support.

OUR Strengths And Values

Global Network

Staying Genuine

Customer Centric Attitude

Act With Integrity

Our experts help to run your business safely and smartly by implementing the ultimate payment management solutions compliantly.


Shrinivas Racha

Chairman & CEO


Devidas kulkarni

Executive Director & Advisor


Surjeet Singh Bal

COO Global & MD India


Pramod Bambani

Independent Director & Advisor


Pawan Mittal

Chief Financial Officer

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