International PEO Services

With International Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services, businesses can optimize their global expansion efforts, streamline administrative procedures, mitigate risks, and foster a productive and compliant international workforce.

What is PEO (Professional Employer Organization)?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a strategic partnership in which a company outsources its HR, employee benefits, payroll, and compliance functions to a specialized entity. By collaborating with an international PEO service, businesses can obtain a variety of HR-related services, enabling them to streamline operations and enhance workforce management globally.


How to do International PEO Services Work?

International PEO Services handles various HR-related duties, to name a few: Global payroll processing, managing employee benefits internationally, filing taxes in several jurisdictions, and adhering to a variety of employment laws. They become the "employer of record" in multiple nations for specific employment-related purposes, while the client company retains control over its operations and management of its global employees.

Do you need local PEO Services?

If you are unsure of which European countries you want to expand into, PEO services are the solution. A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) can offer you the most effective possible solution in the countries of your choice. ADT is your knowledge centre and local partner in PEO services for multiple countries. We handle employee administration-related HR services such as insurance, taxation, onboarding, and payroll, ensuring a seamless expansion process with our comprehensive PEO services in Europe.


Which PEO services do we provide?

Every country has its legislation, labor rules and compliances. We obtain work permits swiftly. At ADT, we are well-versed in all methods of implementing outsourced employment. We implement the best solution for your requirements following local legislation. We would be delighted to collaborate with you on PEO services. With our International PEO services, you gain control without incurring legal entity liabilities, contractor risks, or sacrificing talent or speed to market.

Why Choose ADT for PEO Services?
Comprehensive Payroll Solutions

Payroll complexities are no longer an issue! Our PEO experts manage payroll processing, tax filings, direct deposits, and regulatory compliance, ensuring accurate and timely payments while mitigating payroll-related risks.

Expertise and Compliance

PEOs are experts in HR, employment regulations, and compliance matters. They keep up with changing laws and ensure that your business remains compliant, minimizing legal risks.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Outsourcing HR responsibilities to a PEO allows business owners and managers to focus on core business operations and strategic initiatives rather than spending time on administrative tasks.

Cost Efficiency

PEO services are often cost-effective. By outsourcing HR functions, businesses can cut down administrative costs, including payroll processing, benefits administration, and employee-related tasks.


A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a company that provides comprehensive HR services to businesses. When a business partners with a PEO, it enters into a co-employment arrangement. This means the PEO takes on responsibilities such as payroll processing, benefits administration, HR compliance, and other employee-related tasks.

When a company partners with a PEO, they share employer responsibilities. The PEO becomes the employer of record for tax and insurance purposes, handling HR functions while the client retains control over day-to-day operations.

Utilizing a PEO allows businesses to access better employee benefits, reduce administrative burdens, ensure compliance with regulations, gain HR expertise, and potentially save costs through economies of scale.

ADT Solution can assist you in hiring in over 30 countries. For a complete list of all countries served, please visit our Country-Wise HR Pedia page.

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