Capital: Dublin

Language: English/Irish

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Payroll Cycle: Monthly


Paid: 20 days. Often can be granted up to 25 days.

Public: 10-12 days

General Taxation:  Employer Taxes - 12.00% - 20.00%, Employee Taxes - 17%


Working hours: 38.5 - 42.5 hours per week.


Probation Period: Usually it is the first month of employment but can be increased by the employer up to 3 months.

Minimum Wage: There is no minimum wage set by the law in Switzerland.

Termination: Termination must be justified by the employees in the written letter to the employer. The notice period starts from 1 month and can go up to 3 months depending on how long the employer worked in a company.



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