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Dhi ADT's Netherlands PEO and EOR solutions can assist you in onboarding candidates and managing payroll and HR issues, all without the hassle of setting up a subsidiary in the Netherlands. Once you've hired the talent you need, you can easily customize employment contracts and employee benefits, and make compliant payments—all from a single platform with just a few clicks.

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Employment Laws in the Netherlands

Capital: Amsterdam

Official language: Dutch

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Payroll Cycle: Monthly

Employment Contract: Employee Contracts may be in Dutch or in any other language that the employer and employee may be able to understand. The contract should mention all the necessary conditions with leaves, working hours, benefits, and allowances to be provided to the employee. 

Minimum Wages: The minimum gross monthly wage in the Netherlands is € 1995 per month.

Employer Taxes: Employer Taxes are approximately 23.69% - 29.87% of Gross salary. 

Working Hours: The average working week in the Netherlands has 5 days with between 36 and 40 working hours.

Annual Leave: Employees are entitled to a statutory minimum number of annual leave days equivalent to four times the weekly working hours. 

This typically means 20 holidays in the case of a full-time employee working a five-day week (4×5  working days = 20 Netherlands vacation days). 

Probation Period: Dutch law allows for a probationary period of a maximum of two months for permanent contracts. For fixed-term contracts much stricter rules are in place and a maximum of one month’s probation is permissible. A probation period can only be concluded for contracts of over six months in duration.

Notice Period: The statutory notice period for an employee is 1 month.




Termination: Dismissal by mutual consent is only valid if it is recorded in a written termination agreement (settlement agreement). 

The employee has 14 days to reconsider the dismissal by mutual consent. If he fails to do so, the reconsideration period will be automatically extended to 21 days.

Severance Pay: Employees are eligible for the severance payment when they have worked for the employer for at least 24 months and have been terminated by the employer, the employment relationship has been terminated on mutual consent at the employer’s initiative, a fixed-term employment contract has not been renewed by the employer or when the employee has terminated the employment relationship due to misconduct of the employer. 

National Holidays: 11 National Holidays 

1. New Year's Day 
2. Good Friday 
3. Easter Sunday 
4. Easter Monday 
5. Koningsdag 
6. Ascension Day 
7. Pentecost 
8. Whit Monday 
9. Christmas Day 
10. Boxing Day 
11. New Year's Eve

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