Capital: Budapest

Official Language: Hungarian

Currency: Hungarian forint (HUF)

Payroll Cycle: Monthly


Paid: Minimum 20 days per year. For an employee who is 45 years or older, the time increases to 30 days per year.


General Taxation: Employer Taxes - 17.00%, Employee Taxes - 18.5%


Working hours: 40 hours per week


Probation period: 3 months but often can be increased to 6 months by the collective agreement.

Minimum Wage: 167,400 HUF (which is around 460 euros)

Termination: The contract can be terminated for the following reasons: business, personal or workers misconduct. The notice period is 30 days. If the employer terminates the contract, the notice period will extend if the worker is working for 3 or more years.


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