Hong Kong

Capital: City of Victoria

Official Language: Chinese and English

Currency: Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

Payroll Cycle: Monthly

Paid Time Off: In Hong Kong, employees are entitled to paid holidays based on the length of their employment: 1 – 2 years of employment – 7 days paid leave; 3 years of employment – 8 days paid leave; 4 years of employment – 9 days paid leave; 5 years of employment – 10 days paid leave; 6 years of service – 11 days paid leave; 7 years of service – 12 days paid leave 8 years of employment – 13 days paid leave; 9+ years of employment – 14 days paid leave

Paid Holidays: January 1st; Lunar New Year's Day; the second day of Lunar New Year; the third day of Lunar New Year; Ching Ming Festival, May 1st; Tuen Ng Festival; Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day, which is the first day of July, the day after the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival; Chung Yeung Festival National Day, October 1st; Chinese Winter Solstice Festival or Christmas Day (at the employer's discretion); 5 additional holidays that some employers provide: Good Friday; Easter Monday; The Buddha's Birthday – 8th day of the 4th month (Lunar calendar); The Day After Christmas Day

Individual Income Tax: The individual income tax is determined by a variety of factors, including marital status, level of income, and so on. The average ranges from 2% to 17%.

Employer Tex: 5% - 7% of employee salary.

Employment Contract Specifications: In Hong Kong, employment contracts can be either verbal or written. Professional job contracts are usually written in English.


Probation Period: The maximum probation period is six months. However, the standard practice is three months.

Minimum Wage Requirements: The minimum wage is HKD 37.50 per hour.

Maximum working hours and overtime: It is common practice to have 40-50 working hours per week and 5 workdays per week. There are no specific requirements for overtime work. However, if the employment contract provides for overtime pay, the employer is legally required to pay these wages.


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