Capital: Beijing

Language: Danish

Currency: Yuan (CNY)

Payroll Cycle: Monthly

Paid Time Off: Employees in China are entitled to paid holidays based on the length of their employment relationship: fewer than one year of service - The employee has no right to paid time off. Between one and ten years of service, the employee is entitled to five days of paid time off. Between ten and twenty years of service, the employee is entitled to ten days of paid leave. 20+ years of service entitles the employee to 15 days of paid leave.

Public Holidays: In China, public holidays vary greatly depending on region. There are usually 11 holidays, including Chinese New Year Holidays, National Holidays, Labor Holidays, and Golden Holidays 

Individual Income Tax:  The individual income tax is based on a variety of factors, including marital status, level of income, and so on. The average ranges between 3% and 45 percent.

Employer Tax: About 34.26 percent of employee salary

Employment Contract Details: A written employment contract is required. The contract must be written in Chinese, and an English translation is usually included.


Probation Period: The maximum period of probation is six months.

Minimum Wage Requirements: Due to varying living standards, the minimum wage varies greatly by region. There isn't a single national minimum wage. The hourly minimum wage in Beijing is CNY 24 per hour, while in Shanghai it is CNY 22 per hour.

Working hours and overtime: Generally, the maximum working time is 40 hours per week and 8 hours per day.


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