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Capital: Santiago

Language: Spanish

Currency: Chilean Peso (CLP)

Payroll Cycle: Monthly

Paid Time Off: After one year of employment, employees in Chile are entitled to 15 working days of paid leave per year. Employees who do not reach one year of seniority are entitled to 1.25 days per month prorated.

Paid Holidays: New Year’s Day; Easter; Labor Day; Navy Day/Battle of Iquique; St. Peter and St. Paul Day; Virgin of Carmen Day; Assumption of the Virgin Mary; Independence Day; Glorias del Ejercito Day; National Holiday; Encounter of Two Worlds Day; Evangelical and Protestant churches Day; All Saints Day; Immaculate Conception Day; Christmas Day

Individual Income Tax: The individual income tax is determined by a variety of factors, including marital status, income level, and so on. The average is up to 40%.

Employer Tex: Approximately 7.68 percent of an employee's salary.

 Specifics of the Employment Contract:  Contracts for employment must be in writing and in Spanish. Bilingual   contracts, on the other hand, are permitted.


Period of Probation: In Chile, there is no legal provision for probation periods. Employers and employees may agree in writing on probation periods.

Requirements for a Minimum Wage: The Chilean minimum wage is CLP 337,000 per month.

Overtime and maximum working hours: Normal working hours are 45 hours per week (Monday-Friday), 9 hours per day plus 30 minutes for lunch. Overtime does not apply to home office workers or managerial positions, and it is only permitted if previously authorized by the employer and enforced by the employment agreement.


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