Czech Republic

Employer of Record in Czech Republic, Offered by Dhi ADT


Dhi ADT helps your business to enter into new markets, fast-track growth, and avoid the hassle of incorporating a new entity by taking care of all local tax laws, payroll processing, social contributions, and health insurance. With our Dhi ADT PEO and EOR Services, you get control without taking on legal entity liabilities, contractor risks, or sacrificing talent or speed to market and no more worrying about local laws, immigration visa and work permit services, tax compliance, or managing international payroll.  

Dhi ADT takes care of everything in 30+ countries. For more details contact us about our Employer of Record in the Czech Republic.


Employment Laws in the Czech Republic

Capital:  Prague

Language: Czech

Currency: Czech Crown (CZK)

Payroll Cycle: Monthly


Paid: 13 public holidays

Public: 20 days per year

General Taxation:  Employer Taxes - 33.8%, Employee Taxes - 11.00% 


Working hours: 40 hours per week


Probation Period: Depends on the employment contract and role, usually probation period being 1-2 months and for chief officers can increase up to 6 months.

Minimum Wage: 15,200 CZK (which is around 600 euros)

Termination: The termination process is standard. The employer needs to provide a justification in the letter. The minimum notice period is 2 months, for managerial positions it can go up to 6 months.



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