Reimagining workforce strategies in 2022 with global HR solutions from ADT

Reimagining workforce strategies in 2022 with global HR solutions from ADT

In this era of a globalized corporate world, HR policies for workforce management are evolving at a faster rate. Don't you feel that the role of HR has become much more complex in the current global corporate scenario? 

Conventional procedures of handling payroll and administrative tasks are replaced by tech-friendly methods. However, employment laws are still a matter of concern for the organizations that hire workers from abroad.   

Managing the local employees is not a big issue, but handling foreign workers can be challenging. So, who can possibly help in overcoming the challenges?

Compliance with immigration and payroll laws is the toughest part of hiring foreign workers and the ADT team has the legal competence to provide global HR solutions and ease the process. 

Why do you need us?

We help you leverage the potential of international talent by including them in your team either as a contract worker or an employee. While they will work for you, we will remain responsible for running payroll for them. It will free you from the stress of maintaining compliance with the fast-changing taxation and payroll laws for the expatriates. 

Here’s how our specialized global HR solutions are going to be beneficial for businesses:


Helps in promoting international employment


Suppose, you are running a business that has now become a big name in the corporate world. Won’t it compel you to build a talented workforce (even if you have to hire workers from other countries)?


ADT can help you in meeting the legal requirements for hiring expatriates. You just need to focus on your core business while we will manage your international employees. Thus, we become partners in your growth.   


We help in the relocation of foreign employees


When we talk about our global HR solutions, we can say that we are apt in handling immigration procedures for the new employees. We process work permits and visa sponsorship for your employees. 


It means that we accept to be the legal employer for the workers who are going to work for your organization. It sets your organization free from doing the complex documentation and running to the diverse government authorities for seeking their approval. 


Complaint payroll processing


It is absolutely necessary to follow compliance guidelines to run payroll for the foreign workers with accuracy. Compliance is a significant part of our global HR solutions. We stay regularly updated about the changes in employment or taxation laws. 


Being the legal employer, we run payroll for your employees and let you breathe a sigh of relief. 




‘ADT’ is the one-of-a-kind service provider that enables organizations to redefine their HR strategies. They can go beyond borders to hire talented workers. Everything related to onboarding, visa sponsorship, and payroll processing will be handled by the ADT team. 


No more hassles of meeting taxation and payroll compliance. Just add new employees to your team from abroad and let us provide exceptionally framed global HR solutions for you.    


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