3 ways ADT empowers the tech companies to grow global

3 ways ADT empowers the tech companies to grow global

One of the most important metrics for the growth of tech companies is their ability to scale business operations across the world and have their tech products utilized globally. Every tech company wishes to leverage its ability to unite the world as one global village in the present tech-driven era.

While global expansion is the goal for many tech companies, their growth is generally plagued by many factors including onboarding new employees, processes, and technology. Other factors that hinder the growth of tech companies are global hiring complexities, compliance, and payroll management.

All these factors can lead to a daunting experience for an organization - unless managed by an international PEO services provider.

On an assumption that you are already aware of what a PEO does, we will jump straight to how at ADT we empower the tech companies to grow global.

However, if you still need to know about what is a PEO, who needs one, and other related information, you may read this: YOUR ULTIMATE 2-PART SERIES TO PEO.

Following are the three ways in which ADT empowers the tech companies to grow globally

Global PEO services primarily offer comprehensive HR services for the tech companies, including risk management, payroll processing, compliance with the local laws, employee benefits, and many more.

As soon as a tech company hire employees, an international PEO looks after the hiring & onboarding process on behalf of the tech company. It also manages the payroll & compliance for the employees, thus, allowing the companies to give undivided attention to their business.

See how ADT empowers tech companies to grow global.


Hiring and onboarding from the worldwide talent pool

Global PEO services enable organizations to hire and onboard contract and full-time employees from across the globe. Recruiting from the worldwide talent pool can be a daunting task for remote tech companies since there are numerous candidates to vet, manage compliance, involved time and money spent, etc. Also, hiring the wrong talent can result in considerable losses to the organization.

A global PEO assists with hiring and onboarding contract and full-time employees on behalf of the organization by offering additional services that simplify the recruitment process for the organization. By leveraging a PEO, the tech companies can grow global without dealing with the challenges of hiring and onboarding.

Positive ROI and faster growth rate


As per a report published by the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, tech companies across the world witnessed a surprisingly impressive annual return on investment of 27.2% by utilizing the services of a global PEO. This return on investment further ensures that the tech companies are growing at a faster rate which increases their chances of being in the business for a longer period of time.

IP and data security


HR management handles sensitive information for its clients and their employees. Poor HR management can pose a significant threat to the organization’s safety or may also lead to data theft. An international PEO service ensures maximum & required protection of the company’s sensitive data and information.

Want to know about how an international PEO service may help you boost your business? Read this article: International PEO services - How it helps you scale up your business.

Partner with ADT


At ADT, we offer global HR & payroll management solutions to our clients from across the globe.

We ensure digital onboarding of the candidates, top-notch payroll processing, cross-border payments, compliance with the employment laws & tax regulations, and many more.

Thus, by streamlining the entire process of the employment lifecycle, we set companies stress-free, enabling them to focus on scaling their business operations with a reliable HR administration.

To know more, get in touch with us at experts@adtsolution.com



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