International EOR & PEO Services

Our EOR services ensure seamless compliance, efficient payroll management, and a simplified approach to hiring and managing an international talent pool.

Employer of Record Services helps you hire the best talents across the globe by offering Immigration, payroll, taxes, visa, employee benefits, and compliance solutions. Powered by the latest technology, ADT Solution helps you grow your global team in 30+ countries from a single platform. 

EOR Services

ADT provides EOR Services!

As an Employer of Record (EOR), ADT Solution takes responsibility for all employment-related tasks and liabilities in the chosen country. Imagine you found a skilled employee you want to hire. We are able to take care of your formal employment in every corner of the world. 

ADT provides EOR
what EOR

What is an EOR?

As an employer of record, we become the formal employer of your employee. You, however, will remain the operational employer. Legally your employees are handled by ADT Solution, but as a management, you are still responsible for the employees.

ADT Solution can offer leading EOR services to meet your specific requirements. If you want to find out more about how our Employer of Record services can support your global expansion, call our experts today at +3197010259351, email

Why choose ADT as your EOR?

We give guidance to companies in the global digital transformation by providing the best HR solutions in every corner of the world. With Associates in all European centres, we are always there to provide the best tailor-made services according to the local legislation

Why choose ADT

ADT handles all administrative work

ADT will take care of all your administrative tasks such as:

  • Salary Payment
  • Immigration Services (Work Permit, Visa)
  • Local Insurances
  • Tax Optimisation

How can we help you?

With years of expertise, ADT specialised in EOR Solutions, for more questions feel free to Contact Us Now

PEO Services
local PEO Services

Do you need local PEO Services?

If you are not aware of the European places you want to expand to, PEO services are the solution. A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) can offer you the appropriate possible solution in the countries of your choice. ADT is your knowledge centre and your local partner in PEO services for multiple countries. We take care of employee administration related HR services like Insurance, taxation, onboarding and payroll.

Which PEO services do we provide?

Every country has its own legislation, labour rules and compliances. We get work permits on the fast track. At ADT, we are familiar with all possible forms of implementing outsourced employment. We implement the best solution to your requirement according to the local legislation. We are more than happy to partner with you for PEO services. For more information click below.

PEO services
Why Choose ADT?

100% Compliant Payroll

To be an employer of record, you have to be a specialist in local laws to compliantly manage the payroll and HR. ADT is registered with the right authorities to outsource you or your clients in a 100% compliant manner.

Personalised Services

ADT takes care of your personal requirements to get the best result! We act as your PEO service provider globally. ADT has its offices in 18 different countries, so we are physically always there to help you out with the right knowledge at the right time.

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