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Dhi ADT's Norway PEO and EOR solutions can assist you in onboarding candidates and managing payroll and HR issues, all without the hassle of setting up a subsidiary in Norway. Once you've hired the talent you need, you can easily customize employment contracts and employee benefits, and make compliant payments—all from a single platform with just a few clicks.

Ensure compliance with local laws and handle payroll taxes while focusing on your norway business operations. Hire and expand into Norway using the best SaaS-based PEO service in Norway

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Norway - Country Overview

Capital: Oslo

Language: Norwegian

Currency: Norwegian Kronar (NOK)

Payroll Cycle: Bi-Monthly, Monthly

Employment Contract: According to Norwegian employment laws, all employees must have a written employment contract before the official start date or no later than 1 month after the official start date. Employers must always create a written employment contract before starting work if the employment period is less than 1 month. Written employment contracts are required for all types of employee contracts. 

Minimum Wages: Norway does not have a statutory minimum wage policy. The wage amount is decided via collective agreements between employers and employees.

Employer Taxes:  Employer Taxes are approximately 14.1%- 16.82% of Gross salary.

Working Hours: The maximum normal working hours must not exceed nine hours in any twenty-four-hour period and  not exceed forty hours in any seven-day period. 


Probation Period:  The probationary period in Norway is six months in length. 

Annual Leave: The employee shall receive 25 days of paid holiday each year, which amounts to four full weeks and one day. 

Notice Period: The mandatory notice period for an employer when dismissing an employee varies between 1 and 6  months, depending on the term of employment, age, and length of service with the company.  However, it is most common to agree to 3 months’ notice.

Termination: Norway’s Working Environment Act mandates employers to provide written notice before terminating an employee’s contract. The notice is not necessary in cases of termination due to misconduct.

Severance Pay: There are no laws regarding mandatory severance pay in Norway. The employee is only entitled to their ordinary salary and any additional monetary benefits mentioned in the contract.  o A severance package is only legal if it’s a part of the collective agreement between the two parties.

National Holidays: Norway celebrates 12 national holidays.

1. Good Friday 
2. Easter Monday 
3. Constitution Day 
4. Pentecost  
5. Christmas Day  
6. Maundy Thursday 
7. Easter Sunday  
8. Ascension Day 
9. Whit Monday 
10. St Stephen's Day

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