Capital: Ottawa

Official language: English and French

Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Payroll Cycle: Monthly

Paid Time Off:  In Canada, employees are entitled to paid holidays based on the length of their employment relationship:
Less than one year of employment - No entitlement unless stated otherwise in the employment contract.

1-5 years of employment - 2 weeks paid leave.
5+ years of employment - 3 weeks paid leave.
10+ years of employment - 4 weeks paid leave.
Employees must use their earned vacation within the 12 months in which it was accrued.

Public Holidays: New Year's Day; Good Friday; Easter Monday; Victoria Day; Canada Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving; Remembrance Day; Christmas Day; Boxing Day; Additional regional holidays may apply.

Individual Income Tax Rates:  The individual income tax rate is determined by several factors, including marital status, level of income, and so on. The average ranges from 15% to 33%.

Employer Cost: Depending on the Province, approximately 10% of employee salary.

Specifics of the Employment Contract: Employment contracts must be in writing in English, but French is also acceptable in Quebec.


Minimum Wage Requirements: The general minimum wage is CAD 15.00 per hour, or CAD 13.00 for students and employees under the age of 18.

Maximum Working hours and overtime: The maximum working time is usually 48 hours per week and 8 hours per day. Specific requirements vary depending on the province and industry.


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