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Capital: Dublin

Language: English/Irish

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Payroll Cycle: Monthly


Paid: 4 weeks

Public: 9 days

General Taxation:  Employer Taxes -8.80% to 11.05%, Employee Taxes - 4.5


Working hours: Standard 39 hours per week. A work week cannot exceed 48 hours on average over 4 months.


Probation Period: Can last from 6 to 12 months.

Minimum Wage: € 10.20 per hour

Termination: To terminate the contract employee has to give one of the following reasons: business, personal or workers misconduct. The time of the notice period varies depending on the duration the employee worked in the company.
1 week if an employee worked for 13 weeks - 2 years
2 weeks if an employee worked for 2-5 years
4 weeks if an employee worked for 5-10 years
6 weeks if an employee worked 10-15 years
8 weeks if an employee worked 15 and more years



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