Ireland PEOs & Employers of Record (EOR)


Dhi ADT's Ireland PEO and EOR solutions can assist you in onboarding candidates and managing payroll and HR issues, all without the hassle of setting up a subsidiary in India. Once you've hired the talent you need, you can easily customize employment contracts and employee benefits, and make compliant payments—all from a single platform with just a few clicks.

Ensure compliance with local laws and handle payroll taxes while focusing on your Irish business operations. Hire and expand into Ireland using the best SaaS-based PEO service in Ireland

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Ireland - Country Overview

Capital: Dublin

Language: English/Irish

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Payroll Cycle: Monthly

Employment Contract: Within 5 days of commencement of employment, an employer must provide the employee with a  written statement of core terms of employment. Other minimum terms must be given within 2  months of commencement of employment. 

Minimum Wages: The minimum wage is 12.70 EUR per hour in Ireland. 

Employer Taxes:  Employer Taxes are approximately 10.3%, rising to 39.0% of Gross salary. 

Working Hours: The maximum average working week for many employees cannot exceed 48 hours.


Annual Leave: Employees are entitled to four weeks of paid annual leave.

Probation Period: Probationary periods must not exceed 6 months. Any extension of such periods must not exceed 12 months and should be in the interest of the employee.

Notice Period: The notice period in Ireland starts from 1 week and may exceed up to 8 weeks depending upon the length of service. 

Termination: The employer can terminate the employment contract based on any misconduct from the employee.  Employees will receive any left-out remuneration and payslips after the termination of employment. 

Severance Pay: The Irish laws demand employees to complete at least two years of continuous service to qualify for severance pay. This pay is calculated as two weeks’ pay for each year of service, and an additional week’s pay.

National Holidays: 12 National Holidays 
1. New Year's Day 
2. St. Patrick’s Day 
3. Good Friday 
4. Easter Sunday 
5. Easter Monday 
6. May Day 
7. First Monday in June 
8. First Monday in August 
9. October Bank Holiday 
10. Christmas Day 
11. St. Stephen's Day 
12. Christmas Bank Holiday 


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