How hiring global HR service providers helps to reduce payroll complexities

How hiring global HR service providers helps to reduce payroll complexities

Global hiring is a common practice for many businesses. Have you ever thought about how tough it is to handle HR and payroll processes for workers belonging to different nations? 


The HR department should be capable of handling various activities related to employee onboarding, issuing work permits & visas, and payroll processing.


What happens if it fails to do it appropriately? Well, it will not only spoil the reputation of the organization but also generate legal complexities.


Hiring Global HR service providers can be extremely helpful in handling HR functions in the hands of industry experts.They will align the HR principles of the organization with the local employment laws. Moreover, payroll will be processed according to country-specific rules.


Roles and responsibilities of global HR service providers 


Professional HR services help to follow employment laws and provide documentation support for employee onboarding. It helps to build a team of international workers having specialized talents.


Here are the functions that are addressed suitably by the Global HR service providers like ADT


Employee onboarding

- The onboarding process is all about communication, documentation, cross-checking, disclosing the company’s policies, and ensuring compliance.
- Welcoming a new employee and making it easier to get accustomed to organizational culture.

Ongoing compliance

- Compliance with tax and wage regulations is one of the prime areas of focus.
- Awareness of the rules for working hours, break times, and minimum wage amounts that are to be imposed compulsorily.
- Ensuring social security policies are followed appropriately.

Mobility Assistance

- Global HR service providers can help in the issuance of work permits and visa sponsorship to foreign workers.
- Ensuring dependent visas are processed successfully.
- Assist in allocating accommodation and mandatory facilities as per the contract or employment agreement.

Administration of employee benefits

- Ensuring seamless execution of employee benefits, including insurances.
- Considering tax discounts, deductions and other benefits during payroll calculations.


Payroll processing

Payroll processing is the most complex part of end-to-end HR services. It’s because the personal data is to be analyzed carefully. Considering minimum wage rates, maximum working hours, overtime pay, public holidays, sick leaves, and paid leaves is an essential part of payroll procedures. 


Tax and social security policies for expatriates can be complex things to handle. Global HR service providers are apt in doing payroll calculations and ensuring that the salaries of each employee are paid on time. Everything is managed through cloud-based software that is easy to operate, so it saves time and energy. The data shared by the internal HR department of the organization can remain in sync with the service provider. It will help to achieve greater accuracy.   



It’s worthwhile to hire international workers for organizational growth. It helps in bringing fresh ideas for resolving work-related hardships. However, the organization should know how to run payroll for them with accuracy.


Global HR service providers help smoothen the payroll procedures for expatriates. It handles compliance, tax calculations, employee benefits, and salary administration in an error-free manner. Apart from this, it provides employee onboarding and immigration assistance for new employees. Thus, it helps in creating a congenial environment for them.


Won’t you like to get these benefits? The ADT team is ever ready to assist you. Reach us via email ( or by clicking on our website.



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