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With ADT Solution, your business can easily hire employees in Belgium. No more worrying about local laws, complex tax systems, or managing international payroll. ADT Solution takes care of everything in 30+ countries.

ADT Solution helps your business to enter into new markets, fast-track growth, and avoid the hassle of incorporating a new entity by taking care of all local tax laws, payroll processing, social contributions, and health insurance.   With our ADT Solution PEO Services, you get control without taking on legal entity liabilities, contractor risks, or sacrificing talent or speed to market. Our Belgium PEO and EOR Services allow you to hire fast, stay compliant, and win globally.

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Belgium - Country Overview

Capital: Brussels

Language: Dutch, French, and German

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Payroll Cycle: Monthly

Employment Contract: Belgian law does not require the presence of any specific clauses within an employment contract.  However, mandatory legal and regulatory conditions, along with the CBA’s restrictions, are generally deemed to form an integral component of the employment contract. 

In general, written contracts are required to be implemented before employment can commence. 

Minimum Wages: The minimum wage set by law in Belgium is €1,955 per month.

Employer Taxes: Employer Taxes are approximately 27.52% - 32.5% of Gross salary.

  Working Hours:  An employee’s working time is not to exceed eight hours per day and 38 hours per  week.

Annual Leave: Employees are entitled to paid annual leave of at least four weeks within each calendar year,  provided they have worked full-time throughout the previous calendar year. 


Probation Period:  Probationary periods (trial periods) are not permitted in Belgium, except for the first three days of a  temporary agency work arrangement.

Notice Period: The notice period varies depending on the length of employment. During the probationary period, it is up to 3 weeks, and for permanent employees, it ranges from two to thirteen weeks.

Termination: An employment contract can be terminated depending on the employment agreement between the parties by serving a notice period, payment of indemnity, or a combination of both. Employees with service over six months have the right to be informed of the reason for termination.

Severance Pay: Employees generally have no statutory entitlement to a severance payment on termination of their employment, except in some collective dismissals.
National Holidays: 10 National Holidays

1. Easter Monday 
2. Labour Day 
3. Ascension Day 
4. Whit Monday 
5. National Holiday 
6. Assumption of Mary
7. All Saints' Day 
8. Armistice 
9. Christmas Day

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