Payroll Services Holland

Payroll Services Holland

In this digital era, many businesses are seeking more efficient ways of working. One of the most notable of these changes is the rise in offshore employment for Holland (Netherlands).

Companies that move employees to Holland or hire employees at Holland often choose to expand their business beyond their Holland employment. However, Netherlands strict norms, poses a number of challenges to employers and employees alike, especially when it comes to HR & payroll administration. Let us briefly touch upon a couple of them.

Taxation & Compliance: Understanding of the local laws & payment of taxes & salary

There are several Holland tax rates, Holland social security charges and Holland contributions which all must be accounted for and legislated right from the start - otherwise, one can end up with unnecessary tax demands and fines.

ADT Solution provides a 100% compliant Dutch payroll administration, including deductions of premiums & payment of salary at the right time. 

30% ruling in the Netherlands: Is your PEO partner eligible to apply this ruling?

The employers are allowed to pay up to 30% of the salary as a tax-free allowance. This is applicable to highly skilled migrants. ADT Solution can provide your employees with a salary after applying the relevant provisions (30% ruling, for example).

Other important things to consider

The payroll system in the Netherlands keeps changing after almost every 12 months. However, these changes are only applicable to employees above 21 years of age. Employees falling below the slab of 21 years of age, therefore, receive lower monthly wages. One must also know that the minimum national wage in the Netherlands ranges from 1680 to 1950, which is higher than other countries, especially the third world.


Employers looking forward to terminating employees are required to seek approval from the regional employment offices. In case the termination is mutual between both employer and employee, the intervention on part of authorities is not required. 

How can ADT Solution help you in the Netherlands?

There is no denying the fact that the payroll services in the Netherlands are more complicated than those in other countries. The task can be daunting, especially for the organizations that are new to the global market exposure. Considering the same, the key to successfully operate a business is by calculating the risks as efficiently and correctly as possible. 


Accomplishing all the tasks alone is not a wise decision. Thankfully, the ADT Solution is here for the rescue. 


All your Dutch payroll administration is taken care of by experienced ADT Solution's personnel comprised of tax consultants, payroll team and accountants. With a local Dutch team and an international presence, we are well-positioned to host your employees on our payroll.



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